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City: Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovskaya oblast)
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Sadovaya street, 18 (Средняя школа №165)
Sulimova street, 26 (Парус, ТЦ)
Sulimova street, 28Б (Baby Boom, частный детский сад)
Nearest stops:
Gorbolnitsa nomer 7

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Organisations in this photo:

Children's Art School #2 (ул. Sadovaya street, 18)

Tel.: +7 (343) 341-45-87, 360-22-55
Web: The official website of the art school #2 (in Russian)

School №165 (ул. Sadovaya street, 18)

Tel.: +7 (343) 341-76-21, 369-10-09
Web: The official site of school №165 (in Russian)

Parus, the trade complex (ул. Sulimova street, 26)

Tel.: (343) 278-62-29, (343) 283-04-21

Childcare center Baby Boom (ул. Sulimova street, 28Б)

Tel.: +7(950)642-47-99
Date of photography: 12.06.2013
Page last updated: 11.03.2016