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City: Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovskaya oblast)
Nearest stops:
TRC Karnaval
TRC Karnaval
TRC Karnaval
Verkh-Isetskiy rinok
Verkh-Isetskiy rinok

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Organisations in this photo:

Carnaval, the shopping center (ул. Khalturina street, 55)

3 more organizations in this building...

7D cinema in the Karnaval, Yekaterinburg

Tel.: +7-(343)-311-72-83

Kinoplex cinema in the Karnaval, Yekaterinburg

Tel.: +7-(343)-310-36-32

Powerhouse gym, fitness club

Tel.: (343) 287-999-7
Date of photography: 21.06.2010
Page last updated: 08.02.2013