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City: Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovskaya oblast)
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Lenina avenue, 43 (кинотеатр Колизей)
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Lenina avenue
Nearest stops:
Teatr Muzkomedii
Teatr Muzkomedii
Prospekt Lenina
Arkhitekturnaya akademiya
Ploschad Truda

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The photo of the first municipal cinema theatre in Yekaterinburg city - the Coliseum in the early of XXth century. The photographer: Metenkov V. L. Modern photographs of this building are avaliable in the Photo album of Neogeograph: Lenina Avenue, 43 See also the Map of Neogeograph for looking city map and images

The street name and building numbes is valid for present.


Note: The Metenkov's photo was scanned from card, prepared by publisher Lobanov S.N.

historical photo, the Coliseum cinema, photographer: Metenkov V. L., early of XXth century

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The cinema theatre the Coliseum, Yekaterinburg (просп. Lenina avenue, 43)

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Date of photography: 19XX
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