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Нelp - Neogeograph

Neogeograph, version 3.1.2 (beta)


Dear Friend, the Neogeograph information system ( is designed to search buildings and urban places, infrastructure and street view with the use of ground photos and map.


Our information system has a folowing range of significant features that distinguish it from similar analogues:

- high degree of ground photos and map integration, that allow a user effective and fast search information and present search results with a high degree of clarity: in the form of inter-related sets of photos and pair photo and map.

- maximum coverage of urban space by photographs. We call it an total photography. This means that we are working hard to ensure that all of the available area of ??the city will be display in the photographs.

- user friendly interface, which allows you to get information in one - three clicks, without loss of the previous search results.


To deal with the Neogeograph enough to know only the most General principles of the data representetion in our system. At present the it includes two levels:

- General: map, photo album, themes, reviews and help

- Detailed in the form of pages: card of photo with map and card of object.


Links to sections (modules) of the Neogeograph, such as, Map, Photo album, Themes, Reviews, and Help are available in the menu, which is always available at the top right of any page of our system. Now briefly about what they are for.



Section Map designed to find building using address with simultaneous show images of building and it position on a map.


You can find a photo of building using menu above or building labels on the map. For use them, it is necessary to change the scale of the map to level 16 and above (see buttons with the plus and minus button in the upper left corner of the map frame). After that, in this corner you will see the item Connect layers. You sould activate the addresses check box.

The street name and house number that appears in the upper left corner of this page (above the map frame) are links. Each of them leads to the Photo album.


Photo album

Photo Album designed to search photos of buildings. It is necessary to select the street to se them. You can use the page with alphabetical street index, or use the text field Search the input search query or use street name from the list of streets.



Themes are the thematic photo albums.



Section Reviews contains a set of articles dedicated to a certain topic is associated with the information contained in the Neogeograph. It could be articles about sights of the city, or business analytical reviews, or notes about the cultural life.



This is the section you are reading :)


Card of photo with map

On the lower (second) level of data representetion in the Neogeograph is a page: Card of photo with map.

For example: 8 Marta Street, 8D

The street name and house number below the photo are links. Each of them leads to the photo album. You can use the link with number to see more photos of this building. The link with the street name leads to the page with all photos of buildings in this street, which we have currently.

The label in the map frame in a form of a red rectangle with a white exclamation indicates the location of the building with an address that corresponds to the selected radio button below the photograph. This label is also a link. It leads to the map module.


Card object with description

Card object with a detailed description of it is a page with a photograph of the object containing additional information about it. For example: the movie and concert hall Kosmos

Page last updated: 21.02.2014