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The Zheleznov's House. The old and modern photographs

Old photos of Yekaterinburg: the Zeleznov's House


The building was built by architect Turchevich A. P. in 1895. These photographs were taken by by Metenkov V . L. in the early XXth century and Fomin V. V. In 2013. Modern photo was taken in summer. Trees block the view of the building and the big ugly Billboard blocks the view also.

Note: The Metenkov's photo was scanned from card, prepared by publisher Lobanov S.N.


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Modern photos

You can see modern photos of buildings on the Rosi Luksemburg Street in Photo album of Neogeograph system. You can use also the menu item Photo album in the upper right-hand corner and select and street name Rosi Luksemburg.

To view photos of the this street with city map, use the link on the Map of Neogeograph


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